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BOXER Series: manufactured by AAEON Technology Inc.

The BOXER series is an industrial platform for machine learning and CV applications.

It can be used for various purposes such as mobility, robots, and IoT.

NVIDIA GPU/Intel CPU/Google TPU etc. can be selected.

We accept many function developments using the NVIDIA GPU-equipped series.

Products Handled

AAEON BOXER-8200 series (series with NVIDIA GPU)

* Please contact us regarding the purchase of BOXER with AI ACCELERATOR other than NVIDIA.

  1. Equipped with BOXER-8253AI Jetson Xavier NX
  2. Equipped with BOXER-8240AI Jetson AGX Xavier
  3. Equipped with BOXER-8233AI Jetson TX2 NX
  4. Equipped with BOXER-8221AI Jetson Nano
  • BOXER-8253AI
  • BOXER-8240AI
  • BOXER-8233AI
  • BOXER-8221AI

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