Simulation Results Report Service


For customers who want to simulate but have the following barriers ...

・When you want to optimize the number of AVGs in the target factory, but it costs money to purchase the simulator from scratch

・When it costs money to create an operation manual or educate employees on how to operate even if simulation is introduced

In order to answer such customer's concerns, we provide the Simulation Results Report service, which delivers the simulation results as a report based on the customer's site layout and simulation conditions.

Recommended for companies like this!

  1. You introduced AGV for the first time, but there is a traffic jam! You want to know how to operate efficiently ...
  2. AGV operating cost is high! You want to reduce the number of AGVs as much as possible ...
  3. You're considering AGVs from multiple companies, but You don't know which AGV spec is the best ...
  4. You want to spread the effect of introducing Transit Optimal Platform within the company!

Case Study

  1. Simulation verification target example
    • Material handling equipment route (tracked / untracked)
    • Material handling equipment action plan
    • Number of material handling equipment installed
    • Overall layout of factories and warehouses
    • Storage warehouse, automated warehouse filling rate

  2. Example of verification index
    • Eliminate delays between A-B bases
    • Energy management of material handling equipment
    • Shortest route
    • Operation leveling of each material handling equipment
    • Minimize the number of material handling equipment

  3. An example of simulation results
    • Reproduce the current situation of operation in the customer environment, compare the results of improvement by simulation, and submit a report of differences and improvement plans from the current situation.
    • 結果一例
  4. Reference implementation period

    About 1-2 months


Data and Information you would like us to provide

  1. Simulation specifications
    • Verification target
    • Verification index
    • Ideal form: Ideal production plan
    • Material handling equipment, operating equipment specifications (example: type, vehicle speed, maximum load capacity, operating regulations, etc.)
  2. Current calculation method (example: calculation formula, Excel, specific simulator, etc.)
  3. Current status reproduction: Current factory production log
  4. Material handling equipment target operating area layout drawing, MAP data


  1. Simulation requirement definition document
  2. Simulation result report
  3. Video during simulation

Simulation Results Report Service Features

    We will carry out a simulation based on the Transit Optimal Platform, which we develop and sell products. *

    We will calculate the result in cooperation with our original algorithm that optimizes the route and behavior of the material handling equipment we have!

  1. Features of our optimization algorithm ...
    • Multiple agents (target material handling equipment) ・ Overall optimization of multiple tasks is possible
    • The route generation algorithm (A *, traveling salesman problem, etc.) that has been often used in the past is an optimization that uses only one agent and does not consider the time series, but this algorithm provides the shortest path / action plan for multiple units. We will also perform optimization assistance considering the time and vehicle speed of other agents.

    • Tasks are automatically assigned based on the positional relationship
    • Optimization considering the behavior of each material handling device
      • Speed attenuation when loading parts
      • Target vehicle speed determined according to the distance between vehicles
      • Waiting in special situations such as loading and unloading
      • Decelerate or stop if you get too close to another vehicle
    • This algorithm can also work with simulators other than Transit Optimal Platform.
  2. * Depending on the scale and the presence or absence of your simulation assets, operations other than Transit Optimal Platform are possible, so please feel free to contact us.


Simulation Result Report: An example of the contents

    • Achievement of takt time
    • Task digestion rate of each material handling device
    • Utilization rate of material handling equipment
      • ◆ Display the status of material handling equipment in the form of % by dividing it into the following three types.

      • Operation (working state)
      • Waiting (in the waiting area and not moving)
      • Stagnation (operating state but not moving due to factors such as traffic congestion)
      • ◆ Display the operating rate of the entire work and the operating rate of each process separately, and identify the work / process that is the bottleneck.

    • Route selection rate
      • If there are multiple routes from the start point to the destination, which one is selected is displayed in %.
      • Use as an index for route reduction and AGV mileage reduction
    • Power consumption (kWh)
    • Average travel time for each transport target

    Other indicators can also be analyzed.

* The screen is under development. It may be different from the product version.