Sales of Perforce ALM tools, ALM introduction consulting service started


  • IPX will start selling ALM tools and ALM introduction consulting service of Perforce Software, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Perforce).
  • As part of this, we will conclude a technical partner contract with TOYO Corporation, a Perforce agency, and as a technical partner, we will also start support such as actual operation application and introduction support of Perforce products.
  • In recent years, the importance and occupancy rate of software has increased in the automation and high functionality of product development, production technology development, and distribution in the manufacturing industry, and software-driven promotion is required.
  • Unlike ordinary software development, in AI development where data parameter management is required in the preceding area where there is a lot of trial and error, problems due to personalized management such as mistaken development, duplication, loss of necessary data set, etc. Is occurring a lot.
  • We have received requests for outsourced development from many customers, and have built our own data management and operation system. Utilizing our unique management and operation system and the knowledge and processes that have promoted many advanced development operations, we will start a service to introduce ALM tools to improve the efficiency of PoC / AI development / DX implementation in the customer environment.
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About Perforce Software, Inc.

  • Perforce Software, Inc. was established in California, USA in 1995, and started developing and selling the high-speed software version control tool “Perforce (currently Helix Core)”. Currently, aiming to become a DevOps company, we are promoting business expansion through an acquisition strategy.
  • In addition to Helix Core, Perforce provides software solutions such as project management, application lifecycle management, and source code static analysis to support agile development and DevOps.
  • More than 75% of Fortune 100 companies and more than 1,000,000 users use Perforce products.
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About TOYO Corporation

  • Since its establishment in 1953, TOYO Corporation has contributed to technological innovation as a leading company of cutting-edge “measurement” technology. Its business fields are diverse, including information and communications, automobiles, energy, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), oceans, software development, life sciences, and security.
  • In addition to providing the latest technology to trend fields such as the spread of 5G communication and the development of clean energy and self-driving cars, we are also focusing on developing our own products that make use of our unique measurement technology, and are expanding our business in Japan and overseas. By providing the latest solutions, we will contribute to the creation of a safe and environmentally friendly society and the development of industry.
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