• “LogiUp” is the service that virtually reproduces the layout and operating conditions of a customer’s factory or warehouse, and visualizes and provides simulation results such as verification of the effect of introducing material handling equipment and analysis of the current situation.
  • Trial calculations using simulations make it possible to optimize factory and warehouse layouts, optimize the number of AGVs, and optimize routes for individual AGVs before the introduction of actual equipment or construction, resulting in more efficient plant and warehouse operations.
  • Additionally, since you can visualize your factory with beautiful 3D models, you can use LogiUp results as presentation materials for exhibitions and customer acquisition.
  • This service does not require the customer to purchase a simulation tool or learn how to operate it.
  • Customers only need to prepare the data necessary for the simulation, then we will execute the simulation and deliver the results as reports and videos.

Recommended for companies like this!

  • You introduced AGV for the first time, but there is a traffic jam! You want to know how to operate efficiently …
  • AGV operating cost is high! You want to reduce the number of AGVs as much as possible …
  • You’re considering AGVs from multiple companies, but You don’t know which AGV spec is the best
  • You want to evaluate the impact of changing the layout of the factory, such as storage areas, material handling equipment, and flow lines!
  • You want to verify the effects of introducing Transit Optimal Platform/xOpt in advance!

Verification items and evaluation indicators

  • We know that each company has a different perspective on logistics issues that they want to focus on.
  • LogiUp corresponds to various verification items and evaluation indicators, with the following as an example.

Simulation verification items example

  • Material handling equipment route (tracked and non-tracked types)
  • Material handling equipment action plan
  • Number of material handling equipment units introduced
  • Overall layout of factories and warehouses
  • Warehouses and automatic warehouse packing rates

Evaluation indicators example

  • Eliminate delivery delays
  • Energy management of material handling equipment
  • Shortest routes
  • Standardization of operation of all types of material handling equipment
  • Minimization of material handling equipment

Simulation scenario example

  • Scenario for reproducing the current situation and evaluating improvement proposals
    • Compare the results of reproducing the current logistics operation (both manned and unmanned) on a simulation and the results of implementing multiple improvement plans (change the number of AGVs, layout changes, etc.), and make the assesments current issues and improvements.
  • Scenario for Material handling equipment introduction studying
    • Evaluate the operating rate and overall takt time of each material handling equipment when introducing multiple specifications of material handling equipment or when changing the number of AGVs in operation.
  • Scenario for Operation plan review
    • Evaluate when the transport vehicle operation plan and integrated controller function (task assignment to AGV, route setting, etc.) are changed.
  • Scenario for Layout change impact assessment
    • Evaluate changes in layout such as storage shelf arrangement, AGV charging space, and flow line.

Required data

  • Transportation object
  • Material handling specifications
  • MAP, layout
  • Assumed logistics workflow
  • Verification items
  • Evaluation indicators / ideal form
  • Reference information for reproducing the current situation (current factory operation log / current AGV number trial calculation method)

Implementation flow

  • Implementation period: About 1-2 months


  • Simulation requirement definition document
  • Simulation results report
  • Video during simulation

Provision examples

  • JATCO Ltd
  • and another customers in the manufacturing and distribution industries


  • *This video is provided in Japanese.

Recruiting distributors

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