Transit Optimal Platform


  • Transit Optimal Platform is a real-time 3D simulation software for factories and warehouses developed by iPX. It can also be used as a digital twin environment for the purpose of simulation and on-site reproduction such as evaluation and verification of material handling equipment, personnel allocation, layout, etc. in factory / warehouse operation.
  • Each customer faces a different problem related to logistics.
    • We want to be able to verify the number of AGVs in existing factories.
    • We want to plan logistics in factories where the layout changes from day to day.
    • We want to make our factory completely unmanned.
    • We want to optimize logistics premised on coordination with human beings. … etc.
  • In order to meet the diverse needs such as the above, iPX provides this tool as a licensed product of the function set for logistics simulation, and develops operation screens, appearance objects, and linkage with other systems according to your request.
  • In addition to the inside of factories and warehouses, it can also be used to represent various environments and objects such as inter-building deliveries, airports, hospitals, ports, and other premises.

Examples of Usage

  1. Simulation (preliminary evaluation)

    • It is possible to express material handling equipment such as AGV, sensors, etc., and implement equipment layout, specifications, and operation evaluation in advance.
    • In addition, since it can be visualized in 3D, it can be used as a sales tool as well as design confirmation with clients when introducing material handling equipment as a whole.
  2. Digital twin (using actual machine data)

    • It is possible to reproduce the log information obtained from the actual material handling equipment in a 3D environment.
    • It is also possible to visualize past operation logs, visualize in real time, and monitor the on-site operation status from a remote location.
  3. Learning environment for AI

    • Since it is possible to link with external systems, it is possible to link with a material handling equipment operation planning system (RCS, etc.) built by the user.
    • It can also be used as a learning environment for AI such as reinforcement learning.


Example of Demonstration

Exhibition event

  • Smart Factory EXPO (January 2022)

Content – Digital twinning demonstration using Transit Optimal Platform x real AGV

  • Digital twinning demonstration linking actual tracers of Transit Optimal Platform and AgileX Robotics.
  • Positional information was acquired from an AGV running in the booth by using a camera mounted on the wall to read an AR marker mounted on the top of the AGV.
  • An imitation map of the booth was created on Transit Optimal Platform and the above acquired AGV information reflected in the platform.
  • When a payload with an AR marker attached is loaded on an AGV, the AGV in the Transit Optimal Platform is also shown with a payload loaded.
  • Real time camera images can be checked by operating buttons on the Transit Optimal Platform, making it possible to satisfy requirements for remote monitoring.
  • AGVs use the AgileX Robotics tracer, and the tracer’s independent control system incorporates SLAM in a built-in BOXER, an edge device manufactured by AAEON.