Provision of vehicle driving data
on experimental data acquisition vehicles

iPX publishes information such as driving videos and all kinds of sensor data acquired from its experimental data acquisition vehicles.

If you wish to view this data, please download the data after responding to the questionnaire below.

Published vehicle driving data

Vehicle driving data for the following situations is now available.

These data were acquired mainly during the day in fine weather.

  • Expressways
  • Tunnels
  • One-way roads
  • Intersections
  • Residential areas
  • Shopping centers
  • Special situations

Cautions regarding the use of data

  • Downloaded data may be used freely.
  • iPX accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages arising from the use of downloaded data.
  • We may send you information based on the information you have provided in the questionnaire.
    If you do not wish to be contacted by iPX, please tick the "I do not wish to be contacted" box when you respond to the questionnaire.