Business Introduction

Engineering Services

We provide optimum solutions based on customer problems and themes.

Examples of Technologies and Tools used

Actual Results

  • Development of recognition, judgment and control systems for autonomous driving
  • Development of autonomous driving and control models used for Reinforcement Learning and Inverse Reinforcement Learning
  • Engineering services for setting up autonomous driving and MaaS simulation environments, building co-simulation environments and simulation linkage
  • In-cabin automation support and development of driver monitoring system (DMS) functions
  • Building verification and AI learning environments
  • MBD (Model Base Development) support
  • Analysis of NVH, fuel consumption, etc. using machine learning
  • Multi-tasking and teaching-less performance for industrial robots
  • Support for automation and intelligence of material handling devices and all kinds of manufacturing equipment
  • Handing down skills of skilled engineers and trend extraction using data
  • Building digital twin environments for manufacturing technologies and logistics and support for visualization
  • Reducing and stabilizing defect rates and analysis and prediction of causes of unusual noises and breakdowns
  • Categorization and analysis of human behavior