Business Introduction

NVIDIA Omniverse Partner Council Japan

iPX has joined the Omniverse™ Partner Council Japan.
We provide technical support and customization support for the introduction of the Omniverse™ Enterprise, and provision of contents of our logistics simulator “Transit Optimal Platform”.

NVIDIA Omniverse™

NVIDIA Omniverse™ is an open platform for virtual collaboration and physically-accurate real time simulations.

To centrally promote the development of 3D contents, applications currently being used can be connected to Omniverse so that multiple creators can use different applications to simultaneously operate a single creativity.

USD is used for the data format to ensure data compatibility.

Main content of support

DX business support

iPX builds an Omniverse Enterprise environment to promote the customer’s digitization and supports PoC operation and customization.

We offer proposals such as simulations using applications such as Isaac Sim or DRIVE Sim.

  • Isaac Sim is an optimum platform for warehouse logistics, assembly, welding cells, pick-and-place devices and other robotic systems.
  • DRIVE Sim is platform used for tasks such as checking vehicular behavior based on information obtained from vehicle control and verifying whether control is correct.

Linkage of iPX solutions Transit Optimal Platform and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

Transit Optimal Platform is a real-time 3D simulation software developed and marketed by iPX that is capable of optimizing layouts in buildings, material handler routes and numbers.

Linkage of Transit Optimal Platform and Omniverse Enterprise makes it possible to quickly share information such as logistics analysis results and design changes with large numbers of people.

Actual Results


Smart Factory EXPO (January 2022)

Content – Omniverse × Unreal Engine × VR linkage

iPX gave a demonstration with Omniverse and Unreal Engine connected to goggles.

Reciprocally reflecting Omniverse and Unreal changes in real time makes it possible to efficiently check items such as design and design changes.

Connection with VR goggles makes it possible to experience and check results of design changes in close-up.


  • Omniverse
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Oculus Quest2
Omniverse x Unreal Engine demonstration