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This tool is a logistics simulator developed by us on the premise of semi-products. It is a tool for verifying the optimization of AGV routes and the number of AGVs in existing factories and new factories.

This tool was developed with a learning environment in mind for route optimization by AI. As logistics become more sophisticated and complicated in the future, advanced optimization through AI and machine learning will be required.

At that time, there are many cases where it is difficult for existing tools to work with AI, or there is a difficulty in the speed at which learning is performed. Therefore, we are developing based on Unreal Engine, which is a game development environment, in consideration of cooperation as a learning environment of AI and speeding up of simulation time.

This tool has the following features.

  1. Change the number of AGVs and set the driving route

    By setting the premises to the same environment as in reality, you can check the effect on the production volume.

  2. Change the specifications of AGV

    You can change the speed and load capacity.

  3. Various elements can be set and visualized on the premises

    It is possible to set the time required for loading and unloading / set the traveling direction for each AGV / visualize the shelf inventory status.

  4. Accelerate time in the simulator

    You can check the calculation result at high speed.

  5. Advanced optimization by AI / machine learning *1

    By estimating the travel route of the AGV with AI, it is possible to determine the optimum route plan as appropriate.

  6. Realization of digital twin (DX) *1

    It can be used from real-time route design to improved environment
    Remote monitoring from another base / Visualization of bottlenecks in the field / Platforming that does not depend on manufacturer differences /
    Optimal route calculation algorithm / AGV controller system / Send funnel instructions to control system

*1 Future expansion functions

As an example of function expansion when customizing, it is of course possible to match it with the customer's use case, but we also accept expansion as a visualization and operation status management tool of the actual AGV operation status.

Extension Image

  1. A function that can monitor the operating status of current production equipment and material handling equipment based on the 3D data of the distribution simulator.
    • Remote monitoring from another base
    • Visualize bottlenecks in the current field
    • Platforming that does not depend on manufacturer differences
  2. Implemented an algorithm that plans the optimum route from the current state as appropriate (The route optimization algorithm will be added to the product library in the future)
  3. Function to send route instructions to the AGV controller system / control system as a result of calculating the route

    By performing steps 1 to 3 above, we can expect the realization of a digital twin.

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